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County Recycling

County recycling is provided by 8 county trailers strategically placed throughout Limestone County. For your convenience, these trailers are located at the following locations and can be used by the public.

  • East Limestone High School
  • Creekside Elementary School
  • Cedar Hill Elementary
  • Owens Elementary
  • West Limestone High School
  • Elkmont High School
  • Johnson Elementary
  • Clements High School
  • Ardmore High School
  • Ardmore City Hall
  • Piney Chapel

Smaller trailers are also located at:

  • Bay Hill Marina
  • Little Elk Missionary Baptist Church
  • Cowford Camping Area


Please do not leave your recyclables in plastic bags. One plastice bag can contaminate a large amount of paper. Exception: Shredded paper may be placed in a bag.

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